Żużel and the Fox is a graphic novel in progress. It will tell the story of a spy (Rudek the fox) and an orphan (a kitten nicknamed “Żużel”) teaming up to foil a Nazi plot.

You can read an overview and history of the project here. You can read about why I write anthro comics here.

While the novel is under development, you can read the prequel webcomic, Rudek and the Bear.

Rudek and the Bear: Volume 2  is live on Kickstarter!

If you like the webcomic, consider supporting my current Kickstarter campaign. It runs until May 1st, 2021!

The goal is to print comics #50-109 in a hardcover edition. Click the button to learn more. Thanks!

Rudek and the Bear: Volume 1 in Print

In 2015, I crowdfunded a limited print run of the first fifty comics. The campaign was such a success I was able to produce a beautiful hardcover with all the trimmings. The book contains exclusive comics, illustrations and notes.

Due to low stock, it is currently unavailable. If you support the Kickstarter campaign for Volume 2, however, you will be able to add on a copy of Volume 1 as an extra!

To learn more about the project to print Rudek and the Bear: Volume 1, and how it relates to the Żużel and the Fox project as a whole, visit its Kickstarter page. Or, start reading the webcomic here.

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