Cover Story

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A little Belarusian trivia: what pastry is Malutki eating? (presumably from his favorite bakery on Lenin Street 😋)

Welcome to Minsk

| 4

New chapter, new undercover looks, new setting! After my initial research, I spent an hour trying to re-locate a picture of the pedestal of the Tsar Alexander statue that was toppled in 1919. Finally found it. But what I can’t … Continued

Moving On

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Szpadel knew something was up… And knows not to press for more information. And Rudek knows a buddy like Szpadel, who helps you stay sane, deserves a proper goodbye.   Well, friends, it’s been a journey of about six years, … Continued

Bad at Goodbyes

| 2

I think this moment of parting kinda sums up their relationship :) Also, woah! Check out Malutki in “western costume.” Can’t be bumming around in Belarusian peasant garb if he’s off to spy school! I also tried a couple new … Continued


| 5

Rudek’s PTSD won’t simply go away… But at least Skorzany understands and sees a path forward for his old comrade in arms. Pretty happy with the colors in this one, which are based around a complementary pair I rarely use: … Continued

Panna Masza, Our Hero

| 7

Masza has just donated a chunk of her smuggler’s cache to the needy children of Stołpce…she’s finally made up for, well, contributing to their penury in the first place. She should feel good. So, why does she feel so distracted, … Continued

Masha’s Best Deal Yet?

| 2

Tried something different with the layout, which required some real problem-solving in Clip Studio. I wanted desperately to maintain my pace of an update per week, so I chose to revert to digital painting on the backgrounds, and kept them … Continued

Red Handed

| 2

This was one of those comics where I kept fussing with it after it was probably done. The problem was I liked the look of the characters in flat colors, but with the complexity of the background, the eye-path wasn’t … Continued


| 2

No one noticed Masha quietly approaching… 😲 What does she have in mind, I wonder… Not thrilled with how the background came out, but mastering gouache will take time. And I’m torn on the cell shading…I might still prefer straight … Continued

“The Riven World,” Part 6

| 7

Two foxes have made two very different choices about what their uniforms mean, what their role is among the Galician jews… This concludes the flashback sequence. Any questions you have about the fate of Zeftel or Sierżant Wiater, well… all … Continued

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