Busybody Part II

| 7

I’ve tried a different approach with the shading in this and the previous page. let me know if you like/dislike. I’m sort of torn, myself.

Busybody Part I

| 2

Tried a different approach coloring this one: a gradient map of violet, which I then erased from for the highlights.

Don’t Be Suspicious

| 10

Fussed with the colors a lot on this one.   Keep your eye on this samoyed… not sure what his deal is🤔

A Streetcar Named Epiphany

| 2

Sorry for the long, unplanned hiatus. I got a little snowed under while fulfilling the Kickstarter, and sidetracked with another project. Eager to get back on track with the webcomic! Tried a couple new things here: the tram in the … Continued

Circling the Square

| 6

This spy business really requires you to go with your gut. Or was it carefully analyze everything?

Off their Game

| 1

I’ve been looking forward to introducing you to Darya… Rudek and Malutki don’t know what to make of her. They aren’t even sure if she’s one of them, or working for someone else. But one thing’s clear–she’s going to give … Continued

A Riddle

| 3

Sorry for the delay on this one, which turned into two weeks! 😔 But at last, our novice spies are off on their first adventure… finding the office they have been assigned to! I wanted to try a split complementary … Continued

Cover Story

| 3

A little Belarusian trivia: what pastry is Malutki eating? (presumably from his favorite bakery on Lenin Street 😋)

Welcome to Minsk

| 4

New chapter, new undercover looks, new setting! After my initial research, I spent an hour trying to re-locate a picture of the pedestal of the Tsar Alexander statue that was toppled in 1919. Finally found it. But what I can’t … Continued

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