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This is actually the first comic where I tried specifying colors in CMYK. the CMYK color picker in Clip Studio is kind of baffling. You can use the HSL hue plane, and it will find a corresponding CMYK value, but it will only display the CMYK color if you jiggle the CMYK sliders. This set…Read more

Busybody Part II

I’ve tried a different approach with the shading in this and the previous page. let me know if you like/dislike. I’m sort of torn, myself.

A Streetcar Named Epiphany

Sorry for the long, unplanned hiatus. I got a little snowed under while fulfilling the Kickstarter, and sidetracked with another project. Eager to get back on track with the webcomic! Tried a couple new things here: the tram in the last panel pops out of the frame and goes full bleed.. which might come back…Read more