Background Art: Electronic Compositing

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Haha. “Electronic Compositing.” That’s probably what someone might call this process 40 or 50 years ago. And in fact, the style of background art I am emulating is from the 1960s. But anyway, I haven’t posted a post on my … Continued

On Smoking in Rudek and the Bear

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This blog post is not meant to come off as a defense or an apology. And actually, no one has complained yet about the smoking in the comic. But I wanted to put some thoughts down so that my position was clear, … Continued

Commitment to Reference Materials

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The Limitations of Google Image Search For a while I’ve been doing what I imagine most people do, and what some professional comics artists even encourage. That is, I’ve been using Google Image search to find reference materials. And for … Continued

Women in Comics

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Figuring Out How I Feel about Women in Comics So, if you want to make it in comics, apparently, you have to know how to draw impossible women in impossibly contorted positions. This was never really one of my goals, … Continued

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