The Principles of Animation in Comics: Staging

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The Principles of Animation Apply to Comics I’ve mentioned elsewhere that although I’m drawing comics, my key influences are animators. My belief is that comics should be drawn in a specific way. The artist should have the reader’s brain in … Continued

The Upright Digitigrade Problem

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The Problem So, a while ago I posted about anthropomorphism — specifically, how I planned to handle it in my graphic novel, Żużel and the Fox.  But one thing that has persistently nagged at me is the mechanics of digitigrade legs. … Continued

Designing a Character (VIDEO)

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This is a few minutes of highlights from a live video stream I did. I talk through a few of the problems I encounter while designing a new character for the Rudek and the Bear webcomic. She’ll appear in the … Continued


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  Okay, okay. So I made these to practice coloring techniques. And Żużel and the Fox is nowhere near ready. But if you’re as excited as I am for the graphic novel, maybe you want to support the project. Now you can — … Continued

Facial Expressions

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Just felt like sharing some of the “rejected” sketches for Lucky’s face in panel in this comic. I think these each have their own appeal, but they didn’t communicate what I wanted. I ended up going with a much subtler … Continued

Site Redesign in “Beta”

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I’ve just spent about a month setting up this website, and sent out a few invitations for people to check it out. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in the process of making this book happen! Calling it “Beta” … Continued

Page Layouts are Half Complete!

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Progress with page layouts is going well. I’m now at the halfway point! Sort of by accident, these tiny drawings–each page is about 2″ x 3.5″–are becoming pretty detailed and elaborate. I just got really into the process of composing … Continued

A Digital Art Workflow Attempt

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I have lots of ideas about how I might create the art for Żużel and the Fox. But until I actually try some things out, I won’t know what’s feasible. Or what results in an aesthetically pleasing result. One thing I really wanted … Continued

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