On Smoking in Rudek and the Bear

This blog post is not meant to come off as a defense or an apology. And actually, no one has complained yet about the smoking in the comic. But I wanted to put some thoughts down so that my position was clear, in case anyone was curious or interested in a discussion. Smoking in comics has a…Read more

Facial Expressions

Just felt like sharing some of the “rejected” sketches for Lucky’s face in panel in this comic. I think these each have their own appeal, but they didn’t communicate what I wanted. I ended up going with a much subtler reaction to discovering he’s been duped.  

Site Redesign in “Beta”

I’ve just spent about a month setting up this website, and sent out a few invitations for people to check it out. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in the process of making this book happen! Calling it “Beta” makes it sound all official and stuff. But what I really mean is I’m ready…Read more

Getting Ready for NYCC

I can’t believe New York ComicCon is upon us! I’m looking forward to going on Thursday as a professional, talking to people about Pear-Pear and Zuzel, and the business and art of comics in general. I really wish I had more concept art developed for Żużel and the Fox, but I think my goal for…Read more

I dive into a new project…

This summer I set a goal for myself: Complete an issue of a comic book, from concept to complete digital art. We’ll see if that’s possible. But setting that goal gave me the motivation to collaborate with my wife and my friends and, so far, achieve two things I’ve never done before: A complete draft of a…Read more