I dive into a new project…

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This summer I set a goal for myself: Complete an issue of a comic book, from concept to complete digital art. We’ll see if that’s possible. But setting that goal gave me the motivation to collaborate with my wife and my friends and, so far, achieve two things I’ve never done before:

  • A complete draft of a 32-page comic book script
  • A workspace, in my apartment, dedicated to comics and digital art.

I’m excited about both.


What’s the comic about?

Well, here’s a teaser for Volume #1: an orphan Polish kitten, as a member of a street-gang in 1939 Gdańsk, falls into the hands of German police. While she is being interrogated, a fox and a bear in SS uniforms help her escape, but she is confused as to why. Running from the police, who have now raided her foster home, she falls into the coal chute of a chocolate shop and overhears the voice of the fox and another German. She decides to set the building on fire, and as a result, becomes inextricably involved in the fox’s schemes. Here’s an idea of what the fox, Rudek, might look like:

Bra. Vo.
An early concept for Rudek.

What’s next?

Right now, since a draft of the script is complete, I’m going to be focusing on character design and experimenting with my workflow (pencils to inks to Photoshop). I’m hoping to get some feedback on the script before I consider it final and start doing page layouts.


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