A Memory

Rudek? …. Rudek?

The trouble with PTSD is you never know what can trigger it. The question is, what aren’t we seeing in panel 5?

Continuing with my experimentations on the background art here. I tried watercolors, and didn’t quite get the effect I wanted. I like the texture, but the values and notan are a shambles.

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  1. Oy! As it is written, “This is not going to end well.”

    Way cool moment. Can’t wait to see where this is leading in our hero’s story…

    1. I was wondering if it was some kind of religious text, but I didn’t make the connection at first.

      “By order of the Soviet Communist Party, a Polish puppet government, the Provisional Polish Revolutionary Committee (Polish: Tymczasowy Komitet Rewolucyjny Polski, TKRP), had been formed on 28 July in Białystok to organize administration of the Polish territories captured by the Red Army. The TKRP had very little support from the ethnic Polish population and recruited its supporters mostly from the ranks of minorities, primarily Jews. At the height of the Polish–Soviet conflict, Jews had been subject to anti-semitic violence by Polish forces, who considered Jews a potential threat, and who often accused Jews as being the masterminds of Russian Bolshevism; during the Battle of Warsaw, the Polish government interned all Jewish volunteers and sent Jewish volunteer officers to an internment camp.”

      Oh damn, that’s profoundly sad.

        1. Historical roots of antisemitism aside, it basically boils down to pricks adopting an “us vs them” attitude towards groups they perceive as different.

          It’s not like we have rid ourselves of such attitudes.

  2. PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can be triggered by almost anything. In my own case, sudden or loud sounds during times of concentration will trigger an attack. For others, the trigger doesn’t need to be directly connected to the original causal event. A cue can be any of the five primary senses. One of my former coworkers moved to Mexico because cold weather gave him bad memories of life in a North Korean POW camp. Another couldn’t tolerate high-pitched whistling sounds because a pressure leak on a nuclear submarine almost tore his arm off. Just putting air in his tires still gives him the horrors.

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