Busybody Part II

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I’ve tried a different approach with the shading in this and the previous page. let me know if you like/dislike. I’m sort of torn, myself.

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  1. Yeah, they look a lot more goofy and cartoonish imo.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Do you think that cartooniness is mainly because of the lighting/shading?

  2. In another comic, they might work well, This strip, however, has set its bar higher, so to be quite honest, I do not like the shading near so much as the older style.

    That said, it is highly pleasing to see more updates. It is a considerable tale. :}

  3. Ravandel

    I like this type of shading. But I like the fact that there is a new page more ;)

  4. As I read this, I could actually hear the old lady’s voice. I can’t place it but, I do know I’ve heard this character in movies in the past. I imagine her voice as being a somewhat raspy, feminine voice if you know what I’m talking about.

  5. I believe that the new style isn’t bad. I find it more aesthetic then the original, yet it lacks the “military” spirit, expressed before by the lack of sophisticated techniques.

    If you were striving to punctuate the fact that the story line isn’t strictly about the army now, but rather about spy endeavours then you did the right thing (I think) and if not then you made your comic loog simply better.

    I just wanna add this here. I’ve been a big fan of this comic for several months. I really do enjoy Rudek’s adventures and would love to see more. You’ve grasped the Polish mentality so well, I cannot believe you aren’t a Pole yourself.

  6. Five months… hopefully, the author is well?

  7. Six months… then again, it *does* require time and practice to more fully develop a new style. We look forward to the next update.

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