Busybody Part II

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I’ve tried a different approach with the shading in this and the previous page. let me know if you like/dislike. I’m sort of torn, myself.

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  1. Yeah, they look a lot more goofy and cartoonish imo.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Do you think that cartooniness is mainly because of the lighting/shading?

  2. In another comic, they might work well, This strip, however, has set its bar higher, so to be quite honest, I do not like the shading near so much as the older style.

    That said, it is highly pleasing to see more updates. It is a considerable tale. :}

  3. Ravandel

    I like this type of shading. But I like the fact that there is a new page more ;)

  4. As I read this, I could actually hear the old lady’s voice. I can’t place it but, I do know I’ve heard this character in movies in the past. I imagine her voice as being a somewhat raspy, feminine voice if you know what I’m talking about.

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