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My attempts to get used to Manga Studio continue. Soon I’m going to have to write a blog post about all the differences between working in PhotoShop and in MangaStudio. My whole process has been up-ended. I have less control over things like color balance and depth of field right now, when compared to working in PhotoShop. The order I do things has to be different for me to take full advantage of the panel-by-panel construction of a comic in MangaStudio. And I’m still working out how to make full use of the wondrous fact that you can use the pen tools on vector layers.

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  1. So, in your opinion, would it be worth my time and cash to invest in manga studio, or would I be better served upgrading my photoshop program?

    • I think if you want a program that is designed for making comics, and you are okay with “re-learning” a lot of your techniques, Manga Studio is worthwhile. I’ve really only been intensely working with it for a month, and I’ve reached the proficiency that it took me several months to reach with PhotoShop (regarding making comics). That being said, I don’t think I’ll be abandoning PhotoShop, because I will need it for editing color balance, etc. But the way Manga Studio handles word bubbles, panels, and multiple-page comic stories is definitely superior.

  2. Zadziory? More like SADziory! But seriously, he looks so despondent in panel 5 that it’s crushing my soul :'(

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