Cleaning Up

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I don’t know why Masha bothered to hide the hole in the store-room floor…Bzik doesn’t seem to be very observant.

So, anyway, in this one, I tried to better merge the use of pencils with the digital aspects of the artwork. So, the figures are all inked digitally, to make sure they stand out in front of the backgrounds, while the backgrounds are entirely in pencil.

For an extra challenge, I set this one mainly in the hoosegow, which involved using a lot of layers and masks. Also, I had a lot of fun laying out the last panel.

Bonus points if you can spot the two Escher-esque perspective mistakes I made. Whoops!

Also–yeah: Malutki’s real name, turns out, is Ilya. Ilya Jaromirovich Mednik, to be precise. And if you’re interested, Masha’s full name is Maria Mikhailovna Vereshchatnikova.

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  1. It’s pretty neat how Chapter 2 seems to follow a storyline (well multiple ones, but still) moreso than Chapter 1.

    Art-wise, I think you’ve come up with a pretty good combination. The digital inking works much better for the figures than the pencils from “Budget Presentation”. And the backgrounds look pretty sharp. I especially like the first and the last panels.

  2. It’s no wonder why the Kapitan is stuck at this remote post. He’s an idiot.

  3. Joseph Benedetto

    Kewl! Although I will admit, for a moment there I thought that Malutki’s family name would turn out to be Kuryakin.

  4. I just realized that the smuggler on this page is a pigeon. Since he’s willing to sell out Masha does that make him a stool pigeon?

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