Long-Due Recognition

At least, that’s what Lucky thinks it is. Really, Rudek just wanted to spread around unwanted responsibilities.

To translate: Rudek is having Lucky promoted to Private, First Class — which for most, is just a matter of time and due course…not really an achievement. And Szpadel is going to be a Corporal, taking Rudek’s former position.

This comic feels long-due, as well. It took me over a week to make and post it. School started on September 4th, and it’s been difficult to make the time for comics ever since. But I’m going to try to keep posting at least one a week. Hopefully the lack of time will inspire some time-saving shortcuts in PhotoShop.

It was fun to work out Lucky’s pose in the last panel. It was also a great exercise to draw Rudek from four different angles in this comic.

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