Masha’s Best Deal Yet?

Tried something different with the layout, which required some real problem-solving in Clip Studio.

I wanted desperately to maintain my pace of an update per week, so I chose to revert to digital painting on the backgrounds, and kept them a little looser and sketchier. I’m not totally displeased with the result, because it still tells the story I want it to tell.

If you’d like what you’re seeing, consider throwing a few shekels my way. Thanks as always for reading my comics!

3 throughts on "Masha’s Best Deal Yet?"

    1. Amen to that.
      Reading about the Galician fighting, I was shocked to read that the Czechoslovak allied side tended to attack Jews, while the Poles were generally seen as the saviors of urban Jewry in the area … to say nothing of the usual horrific contraditictions of the Reds.

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