Master Plan

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It’s not that Masha likes the way the uniform fits. It’s more about the doors that it can open for her. The question remains–how would Malutki react if he knew how Masha really got that uniform?

This is one of those comics that felt like it took forever to complete. If I had to guess, I’d say about 20 hours went into it. Some of that time was spent carefully shading all of the figures, only to decide I liked it better in straight flat colors. As I look back over the comics I’ve done, I think I am most indecisive about shading. One side of me believes that when it comes to aesthetics and readability, flat colors, à la Tintin and 1960s Disney, is the way to go. But I keep encountering situations where shading looks better (like the last comic).

Panel 3 might be one of my favorite panels I’ve ever drawn. I was able to communicate what I wanted to in a rather complex image, and I think the broken mirror looks awesome. But overall, I am not sure how clearly this comic “reads.”

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  1. It reads fine! Your skill is quite something.

  2. A point of curiosity… whatever happened to the boar’s hands? He had fingers in earlier strips; do these folk revert to a more primitive form if they are unclothed for too long?

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