Taking Stock

If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter campaign to print the first fifty comics, I encourage you to do so! As of this writing it is 93%, and I am in the process of pricing out stretch goals. Exciting stuff!

I tried to loosen up my inking in this one. The result is that Bzik looks weird. I also wanted to see what it would look like if I shaded quick and dirty–just some airbrushing to break up the flatness of the flats, not too much modeling.

I was unsure if I wanted the tunneling smugglers to be in continuity–they dropped some hints about the Kickstarter campain here and here, and seemed aware they were in a comic strip. But, I couldn’t pass up the idea that Masha gets a two-fer: she can throw her competitors in a cell, AND, if she’s quick and crafty about it, she’ll be the only one who knows about the tunnel to the supply room. We’ll see where this goes :)

2 throughts on "Taking Stock"

  1. fan theory: interdimensional subplot revealed! there happen to be wormholes to the comic under your house which the smugglers were utilizing to cross the border. keep your eye out for masha in the basement…

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