The Dispensary

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I’m guilty of this at work, or when I’m out with friends. If I’m desperate, I know there’s a kind lady who has pain relievers in her purse. But it looks like the men of this K.O.P. battalion have made this into a regular institution, at Nina’s expense. I think a lady who keeps tools in her purse can hold her own, though.


The Process

I followed a very different method for this one, which is part of the reason it took so many days to create. I actually started with pencil on paper, scanned the pencils, and adjusted them digitally.

A scan of the raw pencils

Doing the pencils the old-fashioned way actually proved quite challenging for me. I went through four or five versions of some panels. I found I was not very confident with my construction. On the other hand, I feel like I can manipulate the line weight much more expressively with traditional pencil. I used a soft 4B, and you can see on Nina’s arms above, for example, that I was able to get some nice tapering lines.

But it was very hard to control this effect, and very time consuming.

I’m not 100% satisfied with my end result here. But I think I want to keep exploring what traditional pencils can do for the art style. What are your feelings about this? Does this comic look better, worse, the same?

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  1. Nicolai Shapero

    Poor Rudek. Promotion = pain…

  2. I always start with pencils. & I don’t see too great a difference between this & the prior strips. Inking & coloring can do that.

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