Rudek’s PTSD won’t simply go away… But at least Skorzany understands and sees a path forward for his old comrade in arms.

Pretty happy with the colors in this one, which are based around a complementary pair I rarely use: yellow and indigo. Snuck in some low-saturation reds and oranges without complicating things too much, I think.

Thanks so much for reading. All support for this ongoing story is much appreciated! Members receive sneak peeks at work in progress, and access to high-resolution pages 😊

5 throughts on "Trust"

  1. obsessed with the panel 1 background! reminds me of Ivan Bilibin. is that watercolor or digital?

    it would be a really cool member feature to see timelapses of your work :) would love to see how it’s done

    1. Thanks! This background is all digital as I was pressed for time. Love how Bilibin handles woods 👨‍🍳👌❤️ And yeah, that is a good idea for a member perq!

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