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Looks like 1929 is coming to a close in the world of Rudek and the Bear. For the curious, the object Rudek is handing to Malutki is called an opłatek.

Did you notice the new word bubble typeface? I was growing dissatisfied with the previous one, and built this one from scratch in Illustrator. I’m working on a blog post to discuss this in more depth.

I decided to keep the coloring rather flat in this comic, to help emphasize the texture of the looming snow clouds. As much as I’ve spent time developing the skills and techniques for shading, I keep finding the results somewhat harder to “read” than if I had just left the colors flat. I don’t think this means I should abandon shading altogether. But I’m a ways from finding the right balance, and it will just take further time, practice, and reflection.

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  1. But in Poland we don’t wish happy ‘Wigilia’ (christmas eve). Just say ‘Wesołych Świąt ‘ (merry Christmas ). But the comic is awesome itself. ?

  2. Perfesser_Bear

    Huh. It’s been more than twenty years since I saw a Polish Christmas wafer.

  3. Anferginia

    Happy Father’s Day, Peter. xoxo

  4. Honzinator

    Those are good. Czechs, Sorbs, Slovaks and even Germans eat them too.

    Even better are Torciky Wedlowski, which are layered wafers with chocolate-hazelnut filling and covered in chocolate and hand decorated. We used to get them here in Alabama all the time.

  5. One begins to wonder if there willl be any continuation.

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