Żużel and the Fox is a graphic novel I’ve been working on for over a decade. It will tell the story of a spy (Rudek the fox) and an orphan (a kitten nicknamed “Żużel”) teaming up to foil a Nazi plot.

You can read an overview and history of the project here. You can read about why I write anthro comics here.

While the novel is under development, you can read the prequel webcomic, Rudek and the Bear, now in its third volume.


Rudek and the Bear: Volume 2 now available!

In April, 2021, a campaign to print a hardcover edition of comics #50-109 was funded by over 200 backers. The books are finally available for sale in my online store!

Rudek and the Bear: Volume 1

In 2015, I crowdfunded a limited print run of the first fifty comics. The book contains exclusive comics, illustrations and notes. The original hardcover is currently unavailable. However, the Volume 2 campaign garnered enough support to make a paperback reprint of Volume 1 possible.

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