In Search of the Perfect Word Bubble Font

Let’s think for a moment about word bubbles. How important is the word bubble font to the overall experience of a comic? Pretty important. I mean, the word bubble font should match the style of the comic itself, right? For most of us, there aren’t really too many choices, though. There’s a conventional style of…Read more

The Perils of Comics Translation

Comics Translation: Not Just about Words I’d be lying if I said I was surprised, taken aback, befuddled. I knew well that creating a Polish eBook of the first 50 comics would pose many challenges. That is, I knew it theoretically. But there were some surprises when it came to what exactly the perils of comics translation were. Turns…Read more

Background Art: Electronic Compositing

Haha. “Electronic Compositing.” That’s probably what someone might call this process 40 or 50 years ago. And in fact, the style of background art I am emulating is from the 1960s. But anyway, I haven’t posted a post on my workflow experiments in a while. So, I thought I’d reflect on the background art from…Read more

Review: Tooth & Claw #1

So, I don’t often pick up a comic at my local comic book store. But this weekend, I grabbed a copy of Busiek and Dewey’s Tooth & Claw, published by Image on November 1. Why? Maybe I was just surprised to see anthropomorphic characters in a mainstream comic shop, not in the kiddie area. Sure, Rocket…Read more

On Smoking in Rudek and the Bear

This blog post is not meant to come off as a defense or an apology. And actually, no one has complained yet about the smoking in the comic. But I wanted to put some thoughts down so that my position was clear, in case anyone was curious or interested in a discussion. Smoking in comics has a…Read more

Commitment to Reference Materials

The Limitations of Google Image Search For a while I’ve been doing what I imagine most people do, and what some professional comics artists even encourage. That is, I’ve been using Google Image search to find reference materials. And for a long while I felt there was nothing wrong with this. It was fast and…Read more