On Smoking in Rudek and the Bear

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This blog post is not meant to come off as a defense or an apology. And actually, no one has complained yet about the smoking in the comic. But I wanted to put some thoughts down so that my position was clear, … Continued

Facial Expressions

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Just felt like sharing some of the “rejected” sketches for Lucky’s face in panel in this comic. I think these each have their own appeal, but they didn’t communicate what I wanted. I ended up going with a much subtler … Continued

Site Redesign in “Beta”

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I’ve just spent about a month setting up this website, and sent out a few invitations for people to check it out. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in the process of making this book happen! Calling it “Beta” … Continued

Getting Ready for NYCC

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I can’t believe New York ComicCon is upon us! I’m looking forward to going on Thursday as a professional, talking to people about Pear-Pear and Zuzel, and the business and art of comics in general. I really wish I had … Continued