Don’t Be Suspicious

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Fussed with the colors a lot on this one.


Keep your eye on this samoyed… not sure what his deal is🤔

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  1. Why I could never be a spy, I’d give myself away every other syllable.

  2. Anferginia

    Panel 5 is magnificent!

  3. rememberpolishwarcrimestoo

    Awesome page! What book is he reading?

  4. Our heroes are wise to be so careful, yet curious about their surroundings and the folks they encounter. And, you did wonderfully with the colors, friend; perfect blend of noir and neutrals. Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Honzinator

    My mother in law, who navigated a lifetime of communism quite effectively until it ended (for us) looked like a cartoon character stealing plutonium at a supermarket when she took plastic grocery bags we use for our trash (we have this wire thing we hand them on, in lieu of trash-specific plastic, and we were low) that were there for all customers’ convenience, so I think I know how Frith Ra feels, at least second hand.

  6. Will there be a kickstarter of your books being sold? I missed out on this and just watched a vid with your books in it.

    • I’ll be updating the store soon – copies of vol 1 and 2 are still available :)

  7. Hopefully, all is well with the artist?

    • Yes, thanks for checking in… its been a busy year. A new page of Rudek and the Bear is posted!

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