Don’t Be Suspicious

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Fussed with the colors a lot on this one.


Keep your eye on this samoyed… not sure what his deal is🤔

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  1. Why I could never be a spy, I’d give myself away every other syllable.

  2. Anferginia

    Panel 5 is magnificent!

  3. Our heroes are wise to be so careful, yet curious about their surroundings and the folks they encounter. And, you did wonderfully with the colors, friend; perfect blend of noir and neutrals. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Honzinator

    My mother in law, who navigated a lifetime of communism quite effectively until it ended (for us) looked like a cartoon character stealing plutonium at a supermarket when she took plastic grocery bags we use for our trash (we have this wire thing we hand them on, in lieu of trash-specific plastic, and we were low) that were there for all customers’ convenience, so I think I know how Frith Ra feels, at least second hand.

  5. Hopefully, all is well with the artist?

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