Well — It’s good to finally post something after a few months unexpected hiatus. I won’t go into details or make excuses, but my son was born two months early, in October. As Lennon said, life is what happens when you’re making other plans — but hey, he’s healthy and thriving, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. And now that I have a couple weeks off work for the holidays, I am finally catching up with comics and chores and breathing.

So, in this comic, I was having trouble getting back into drawing digitally. For one thing, my hand began cramping pretty badly. For another, I basically had to reteach myself, since I hadn’t worked on the tablet in so long, which is interesting. I ended up choosing to do the final inks on paper, just to get this comic out there before the end of the year. I also tried something I’d been meaning to try — doing background linework in sepia. In the end I think it created more problems than it was worth, though. I kept the backgrounds pretty minimal anyway, so I think it worked out.

On another note, I realized that with “Misza” gone for now, and Szczęściarz out of the picture, I had the opportunity to design a new character. In Żużel and the Fox, there is a wolf character, and I haven’t had much practice designing / drawing anthropomorphic wolves. So, PFC Szczeniak was born.

Anyway — happy to be making comics again. I’m looking forward to pushing the plot forward ;)

7 throughts on "Tackled"

  1. My deepest Congratulations on the son, healthy and well! And we all welcome you — and all our friends in the KOP, old and new — back! It’s so good to see the story carrying on.

  2. Great to see you back and congratulations on your healthy born son! Take your time now as we know you have a family to take care of now, so just so you know you don’t have to rush anything on this comic. :)
    Btw the new character looks awesome. What a cute fella, and add that the name suits him very well! On another note, he also looks like an indian type of wolf, like from a tribe in the Americas, but nothing bad is on the design and it looks just pure great. I would also love to see how the football game would go :D
    Just so you know, I do not want to sound demanding, just my thoughts and ideas :P

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