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Oh dear. I’ll give Masha this at least–she has the imagination of a true bureaucrat.

I wanted to push to the limit the pencilled backgrounds and go for a real storybook illustration vibe. I drew a truck that I later discovered was anachronistic and had to start panel 2 over again. Finally I decided to cut some corners and keep the backgrounds minimal in panels 3-4, and recycle the bridge background.

After the positive response to the muted (or non-black) inks on “Friendly Advice,” I decided to try the same effect here, and it does help the figures blend better with the pencilled backgrounds.

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  1. I’m waiting for Masha to get her comeuppance.

  2. steuben

    oi, seeing that driver shuffle through his papers makes me think of getting pulled over and scrambling through my glove compartment. poor dude!

  3. riverwolf

    Dang, they had TSA even back in the 20’s. Dont over stress the artwork, your far, far better than 98% of the web comic world.

  4. Banderi

    Poor people in Stołpce… First this.. “prank”, then the ’24 raid, I bet they’ll get really angry!

  5. Duke of URL

    Please please please put in translations! I can’t even type those Polish/Ukranian/Russian/whatever words into Translate; my keyboard doesn’t have the weird letters.

    • She says, “Ave Maria!” You know, kind of the more blasphemous version of “Leapin’ Lizards!” :)

  6. Oh dear. I’ll give Masha this at least–she has the imagination of a true bureaucrat. I have to agree with that. Are you sure she isn’t an American “public servant”? She sure does act like 99.999% of the ones I’ve met? Well, either a public servant or a lawyer. LOL.

    • Oops. I forgot to put the quotes around what you originally wrote so, if you’ll be so kind as to do that in your head, I’d appreciate it. LOL.

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