“The Riven World,” Part 1

Flashback to 1919. Private Rudek, ten years younger, drives a cart with a company in Haller’s Army, on the road to Lemberg (Lwów). They stop to rest at a shtetl in Buczacz…

Good lord this comic took forever to finish. It came with a lot of technical challenges, research questions, and second guessing. oh yeah, and a global pandemic kind of shut down my art-making for a while. Anyway, many thanks to you for reading Rudek and the Bear and supporting my efforts at creating the historical anthro comics I want to see in the world :)

13 throughts on "“The Riven World,” Part 1"

  1. Hooray! An update!
    I’ve read through your comic twice now and was wondering when the next page was going to come out. I’m loving what I’ve seen so far!

      1. Well my Great great grandfather Jakub Müller – an Austrian have born near Lwów, and later at beggining of XX c. being in CK army, he came here to Kraków and met Emilia, a Polish Krakovian – his future wife, and my Great great grandmother. I heard that some part of his familly disinherit him for this national and I think social misalliance which he made. Also some roots of my familly from same time are from Dtohobycz, at today Ukraine. But mostly I am from here, from Galician Kraków land.

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