“The Riven World,” Part 2

the flashback to Rudek’s days in Haller’s Army continues.

I’ve found researching the Polish-Ukrainian conflict to be fascinating, partially because of how divergent the historiographies are. Polish sources tell one story, Jewish sources another, Ukrainian sources still another. Haller’s men were either heroes, murderers, imperialists, liberators, or–as I tend to think is likely–some messy mix.

4 throughts on "“The Riven World,” Part 2"

  1. Exactly, it is true, it was totall mess there in Galicja one hundred one years ago, not far away from me, I am west Galician. I fear what will happend next, because now If I know where is Rudek and where he is going with Haller and his friends, then I understand why he have so sad war flasbacks nightmares…

  2. That looks like the same [dead?] girl that Skorzeny was carrying in Rudek’s flashback in “Do You Remember?”.

  3. Czechoslovaks, my peoples, sided with some extremely anti-Semitic Marxists in those fights, but Haller’s men were generally pretty good, and Jews in places like Lwow supported Warsaw over Prague for good reasons, though Holoks/Ukrainians and Gorniks often did not, also for good reasons.

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