A Real Puzzle

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Kasia is doing what any reasonable person would do, after hearing her shipment of supplies was confiscated at the border. The captain of the local KOP company, however, isn’t exactly a reasonable person.

Like the last comic, this one was expedited by the wonderful Sabrina, who did the color flats. This allowed me to experiment with my shading technique on this comic, too.

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  1. Pineapple!

    • Perfesser_Bear

      In Polskie, that would be ananas…

      ♫♪Yes, we have no ananas…♪♫

  2. KenFletcher

    This looks very much what I would expect an early 1930s office to look like. Natural lighting on a cloudy day. If there was electricity, the lights were limited, and not on during the day unless absolutely needed. Seeing this strip, I am reminded of several uncles & aunts’ ranches in the 1940s, where the electricity was from a gas-engine powered generator, used for a few hours in the morning and evening. My complements.

    • Many thanks. I’m no Vermeer, but the fact that the lighting I intended came across to you makes me pleased!

  3. Perfesser_Bear

    Our good Captain — good for what, I have no brief — reminds me all to much of my own time spent in someone else’s uniform. By the book, and rhyme or reason did not belong in our flavor of reality.

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