The Would-Be Fink

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Yep. Sergeant Kowak is still trying to make the whole politics thing work. Currying favor, turning your superiors against your rivals. It ain’t so easy when the new Private is trying to make friends and bring the company together for some harmless fun.

So…I took a big step with this comic, and my hope is you can’t tell what it was. I outsourced the flatting. That’s the process of defining color areas in the backgrounds and characters — a time-consuming step in the coloring process. The colorist, Sabrina, was professional, quick, and did high quality work. If you’re looking for a flatter or colorist, I recommend her.

Outsourcing the flatting was an experiment on this one–and based on the results, I plan to continue. My hope is that it will allow me to update the comic more regularly!

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  1. From what little Polish I’ve picked up in life, I’m guessing that the wolf wants to play Football, or what we in the U.S. tend to call Soccer.

    Meanwhile someone is forgetting the old saying about “sauce for the goose…”

    • Exactly right! Tried to research what a soccer ball would have looked like in 1920s Poland, but then I realized that not everyone would recognize one. Glad you could make sense of it anyway :)

  2. Perfesser_Bear

    If Kowak had been so conscientious in the first place, he wouldn’t be on KP now, would he?

    Incidentally, flatter-y will get you everywhere!

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