A Grave Matter

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Continuing the plot from this comic. I was very amused when several fans left comments on that comic, speculating as to what Babcia was really up to…

The question is, did Rudek allow himself to be misled? What did he think they were going to find?

I rewrote the script on this one probably ten times, and made the final changes well into the process. The trouble for me is always that there are too many words. I’m not totally satisfied with the last panel, but I think I like the pacing I ended up with in the third panel.

As for the lighting, I wanted to continue to experiment with representing a harsh light source, like the gas lamp in the last comic. I decided that, since this scene takes place in the dark of the night, to reduce the palette of the background. Everything is the same shade of blue, so that the warm kerosene light of the lamp can complement it.

Finally, the Polish exclamation translates to, roughly, “I’ll be damned!”


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Anferginia

    I love the lighting. I was nervous at first as to what was going to be found, though. I was glad it was “loot.”

  2. John McCool

    Wonder what he was thinking when he hit a buried paved floor and what inspired him to continue digging after it.

  3. John McCool

    Ah, went back a couple episodes and saw the floor was above ground and belonged to the ruined house she wanted buried under, I misunderstood what I was seeing here. Looked like they had gone down a level to the paving and then past it.

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