Shady Characters

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This comic follows up this red squirrel’s unfortunate encounter with Masha.

That bear is supposed to be a sun bear. Though you can’t see his characteristic throat marking, I’m pretty happy with how his character design is differentiated from Malutki’s.

Finally, I spent a good amount of time trying to evoke the warm glow of kerosene lighting in this one. Not sure I want to spend this kind of time on lighting / shading in the future. Is it necessary to the style or vibe of the comic? Let me know your thoughts :)

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  1. Peter, you’ve taken a giant leap forward with this post. I absolutely love the crispness of the characters against the low-level lighting. Wonderful job!

  2. Uh Oh! Methinks the govt. is putting it’s hobnailed boot in.

  3. Nickolas

    Ooh! This is beautifully done! I love your work! This comic is amazing!

  4. Chiron Rocket III

    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update! I was starting to grow concerned. So glad to see my favorite comic is still going! (sigh of relief)

  5. Perfesser_Bear

    The Bear is quite distinct from Malutki. The shape of his head is considerably different — appropriate for a Sun Bear.

    The lighting is just what kerosene lamps put out (I own several), but I think that’s a gas lamp on the wall. Kerosene lamps feed from a wick in a reservoir; gas lamps from a pipe through the wall.

    • Thanks so much for the input, and for shedding some gas-powered light on the subject!

  6. Alessandro

    Hello Peter!
    First of all… very very compliments for your art! Really very good!!!
    I’m the owner of a little italian editorial house and I want to ask if it will be possible to have the rights to translate RUDEK AND THE BEAR in italian language…
    Let me know all
    Many thanks and best regards,

    Alessandro Galli
    +39 347 3716478

    • Alessandro,
      Thank you for your enthusiasm. Unfortunately I’m not prepared to negotiate with anyone on international or translation rights.

  7. Honzinator

    Is that the OGPU? The Sunbear has a military hat, and the ram has a suavely Bolshy moustachio going on, but other than the vaguely matching trench-coats, they look so individualized that I’d say they were holligans themselves. But they’re awfully confident for black-marketeers, even during the NEP, and seem alarmingly coordinated.

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