A Thrashing

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If only Masha had access to a therapist, or at least a non-living, non-glass punching bag.


This comic achieves a few different goals for me. I was realizing I needed practice on drawing action and violence. I also have been gradually pushing the comic to accomodate more serious narrative tones. And finally, I wanted to experiment with sound effect typography. I’d be interested to hear feedback on the SFX!



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  1. Ah, the classic “anger issues intermingled with class strife accentuated by an ambiguous gender self-image” thingy. I hear that’s a common one!

    “I’d be interested to hear feedback on the SFX!”

    Pretty neat, and I like that they are broken in a certain direction. Well, I like the shattering effect for the mirror, but the action lines for the “Wham!” look way too similar to it. It’s as if it’s implying that that poor guy’s skull is being crushed. I think you could easily fix that with more action lines.

  2. Perfesser_Bear

    Masha has some guilt issues. She has realized the consequences of her greed, and that it’s probably too late to make amends. Or maybe she’s beating up this squirrelly character because he didn’t have any food in his cache.

    @Tightwad makes a good point. Perhaps the WHAM SFX should be more linear, reflecting the motion lines of her fists. N.B.: in my experience, punching someone in the face is more like THWAP or FUMP.

    Hey, Masha. Eat a Ϲмешок bar. You’re a bear when you’re hungry.

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