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Well, this one took a tremendously long time to complete, and I’m not completely satisfied with it. But it’s time to post and move on.

Once I completed the backgrounds, which were quite light (due to the snowy landscape), I realized the whole look of the comic would be washed out and wouldn’t read well. So, I’m breaking with the comic’s format here to use black borders. The white-on-white created another problem with the word bubbles, so I also tweaked all the layers ad nauseam. The dark borders of this comic do fit the apparent somberness of Babcia’s errand, though.

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  1. I love Rudek’s kindness to Babicha.

  2. Beautiful work. Very excited to see more

  3. I have recently found and read ‘Rudek and the Bear’. The story and artwork are both great, and I look forward to more! In the meantime I will go read ‘Zuzel and the Fox’; thank you for creating and sharing such a well written and well drawn comic.

  4. Perfesser_Bear

    While I appreciate Babcia’s intent, The dead of winter is not the best time to excavate. Even here in Eastern Connecticut, in the days before Bobcats and Caterpillars, churches had little rooms off the side for storing caskets until the ground thawed. Today, though, it’s a rare pastor who even knows the purpose of those little additions.

    I’ll shut up now and watch what ‘turns up’.

    • True (I’ve lived in northern Mass), but Rudek is a soldier… and when the enemy is advancing and trenches must be dug, it doesn’t matter how frozen the ground is. Besides, if he doesn’t dig, Babcia will.

  5. This has been a pleasure to read and one of the best webcomics i’ve come across. My guess is that it’s on hiatus, or have you decided to leave it?

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s on hiatus for now, but I have recently rewritten the script for the next twenty or so episodes, and plan to continue the webcomic.

  6. Looks like my adblocker also blocked my first comment – oops.
    I found this comic again, and actually read through it. Very good.
    On this last panel, my eyes seem to be leaking a bit . . .

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