A Sobering Moment

While I was working on this one, I was just so happy to draw Masha doing everything that makes her who she is. A tough little bear, focused on her goals, knowing an opportunity when she sees it!


The backgrounds were painted in watercolor using a limited palette: prussian blue and burnt sienna. I also experimented with limiting the saturation on the character flats to further control the palette.

Also… Woah! A hundred Rudek and the Bear comics?! We must be getting close to the end of Chapter 2 😊

2 throughts on "A Sobering Moment"

  1. It’s almost possible to feel sorry for Kowak. It’s something that has happened to a LOT of soldiers the first time they face combat.

    By the way, I’ve been reading this comic since March 2016 and I JUST now got the joke of his name! He really is a complete idiot; how could he see Misha in panel seven and still think she’s a guy?

    1. Exactly so… bladder control in combat, well, the best of us could lose it!

      …and yeah… Kowak is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer :)

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