“The Riven World,” Part 4

The flashback continues…

The number of characters and complexity of the staging was a fun challenge…but took way too long to complete. Thanks for hanging in there despite my erratic update schedule.

3 throughts on "“The Riven World,” Part 4"

  1. hi, after seeing your art for a while, you have become my second favorite artist. and you really have talent. because there are few people like you who make this type of comics. I would like to ask you some questions: I remember you posted a post on deviantart that related a kind of “biography” of Nina, will you do it with Rudek? Who taught you to draw? finally tell you that as advice I would tell you to have an update schedule, the best artists have it.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I have some biographical notes on Rudek, but I’m holding on to those for story ideas :) My teachers include my grandmother, Fernando Ruiz, and Adam Gustavson. I also learned a lot from authors like Bill Watterson and James Gurney, and animators like Milt Kahl. And yes, I know my erratic update schedule is a major weakness…hoping to make comics more consistently in 2021 :)

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