Catching Up

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  1. Perfesser_Bear

    Army Intelligence: An old oxymoron.

    One’s colors do not always reflect one’s heart.

  2. Rudek is filling a different role for many… is any one the real Rudek or none?

    Curious, is there a reason behind why Rudek remains outside of the shelter and does not share a drink as he talks with Skorzany?

    • Good eye! He is still getting over his flashback, perhaps, and still sussing out this old comrade’s motives for tracking him down… he’s keeping his distance. Also, artistic composition purposes, playing dark background off light background :)

  3. Anferginia

    I really feel the cold winter wind. Well done!

  4. Honzinator

    I really want to know why the ram was carrying a seemingly dead or dying girl when we saw him last.

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