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  1. Seeing this makes my life more enjoyable.

  2. CMDR Buckminster Hirsch

    Always a pleasure to see more of this story.

  3. I had to look up what that idiom meant…

    • You mean sawing logs? If there’s a similar Polish metaphor for snoring, I’d be pleased to know it :)

  4. It’d great to see a new strip. I’d been afraid this project had been abandoned. Instead, it looks like we’re about to move on to a new chapter. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Whoa. That is a commitment and a half. To not just lose oneself but also one’s reputation for the cause is no minor step. As much as Rudek has maintained his personal ‘neutrality’, he has also worked hard to make sure he is seen as committed to the company and his patrol and to throw all of this hard away is not a sacrifice to be underestimated.

    Mind you, between Czerep and Kowak it should not be that hard to ‘engineer’ his own downfall but this would still have quite an impact on Spadel, Zadziorny and Malutki (Masha may not be too disappointed, though).

  6. Hearing this whole conversation also puts a different spin on Malutki’s upcoming confrontation. As Masha’s ‘competing smugglers’ are likely also members of Skorzany’s Section II unit, it seems things are likely once more not going to go the way Masha expects…

  7. At last, I’d almost given up hope on an update.

    I suppose foxy wouldn’t mind getting out of his boring old posting to do some real work anyways.

  8. Hah! Posted on my birthday. Love seeing a new entry into this story.

  9. Always a pleasure to read intelligent dialogue accompanying excellent artwork; the combination is woefully lacking in today’s world. Please keep up the fine work, sir.

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