Sublieutenant Nobody

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Skorzany and Rudek are doing all they can to get Kowak’s attention.

In this comic, I worked hard to layer the foreground and background action cohesively. A fun challenge.

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  1. CMDR Buckminster Hirsch

    Ah yes, pump the rumor mill. No faster way to spread mayhem.

  2. Ravandel

    Hello, I have just discovered your comic, and I tbh I really like it. If you will need some help with Polish I can help you if needed, since I am from Poland too.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll keep that in mind… Polish constantly humbles me and I need all the help I can get :)

  3. steuben

    LOVE the muted palette in the background, and the literal muting as well

  4. Aw! That poor wolf looks so upset in the 4th panel…

  5. Hello! I’ve just finished reading this from the beginning and I’m soooo exised! You gathered Polish and Belarusian history moments and describe it with the English language and in anthro form! I just can’t imagine how much time it required, and I so appreciate it. If you need any help with a belarusian text I’ll be glad to help

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