Evenly Matched

Hi! It’s been months and months. But here at last is the next installment. I tried a couple things with my approach to coloring–the characters are all rendered in a tight range of tints and shades of only 3 hues. I was pretty happy with how that came out, but then I’m very unsatisfied with the lighting effects. ah well–there’s always something I can learn from a failure. And I apologize for the vagaries in continuity regarding the characters’ clothing…

7 throughts on "Evenly Matched"

  1. It’s always a pleasure when this comic shows up in my feed. Thank you for your on-going attempts to improve, but it must be difficult to improve anymore than you have.

  2. Great to see the update. I found your comic a couple of weeks ago have been hoping you would carry on. Also, nice job on drawing the Mosin-Nagants.

  3. Friend, your artwork continues to impress and the authentic theme is much admired. I am glad to see you rejoin the artistic fray, and look forward to your future offerings. Stay healthy, and the best of luck to you and yours.

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