Changing of the Guard

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Kapitan Bzik has himself a new recruit, whether or not that recruit knows what’s happening. That home-brewed nalewka can be potent stuff. Looks like the company won’t be down a man, anyway. Er–down a person.

So, tried something a little different with the background art here. I did the drawing on tracing paper, which did two things. The pencil shading (though you can barely see it) picked up some texture from my drawing table. And the scan output a mid-tone, rather than a white ground. I was trying to give this comic the feel that it was happening in the evening, right before lights-out–so the overall darker tone to the scan was fortuitous.

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  1. I wonder how long before the new recruit either goes AWOL or starts letting all of her smuggler friends through. ;)

  2. Anonymous Reader

    What book is Rudek reading? I can’t seem to make out the title.

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