Black Tuesday

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At long last, it’s here! A couple weeks of tender loving care went into this one.

I shaded the backgrounds with pencil. I’m ambivalent about the effect, though.

Shading the characters ended up being pretty haphazard. In the past I’ve tended to add shading on a new layer, so that my flats remained editable blocks of solid color. But I just went at it with the lasso marquee and the airbrush, and I think overall it looks good. Most of the shading in this one, to my eyes, helps tell the story.

Also, you can buy this T-Shirt

I’m thinking about getting myself one :)

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  1. What make rifle is Rudek and company supposed to be carrying?

    • Karabinek wz.29s, mostly, but in this t-shirt design, he’s got a modified wz.98 I think.

      • Ah, thank you. While I don’t really understand your choice to have them revert to a feral form when they lose their clothes, you do draw all the comics well. Of course the feral reversion has interesting implications on the two who were in the supply closet.

        It’s difficult to purchase the T-shirt when the purchase button doesn’t work.

        • The link in the button should now be working :)

          As for reverting to feral form, I was inspired by stories like Animal Farm and “Puss in Boots,” where intelligent animals gain humanlike qualities when wearing clothes. Seemed like a device that could be used for storytelling in interesting ways, but I get if it’s not for everyone’s taste.

  2. stevegallacci

    Been enjoying the story very much. Do you have service experiance, as it catches the feel very well. Your interpretation of anthropomorphic design is very distinctive, as is the inking style. I’d quibble about the inking, except it is a purely personal reaction, so wouldn’t suggest or critique a thing, and it’s nice to see stuff that isn’t an animation clone. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I haven’t served. I’m just drawing from the absurdity and workplace politics that seem to be pretty universal. Glad to know the comic gets the military vibe, though!

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