An Effective Soldier

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Further experimentation with pencil-shaded backgrounds. I actually did the Ford FT-B in the third panel on a separate sheet of paper and scanned it to its own layer, so I could make it stand out a little better against the background.

I also just want to thank my readers for leaving comments. Your feedback has been very helpful in helping me continue to form a clear idea of my artistic purpose.

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  1. I have never been very good drawing cars & other mechanical things. When I see one done well I always feel compelled to compliment the artist. Usually I just do that by stating my compliments, verbally, at the computer; but in this case I’ll make an exception & express my profound admiration for your work here.

    Now if someone could teach me to draw old cars which look that good.

  2. The armored car does look very good, as well as being the perfect design for the period.

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