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Tried a couple new things here:

  • Vector inks. I haven’t tried that in a while, and while it does create a slightly cleaner look, there’s really not much advantage for web publication. However, if I want to scale the artwork up or down in the future, it will be possible to do so. Although I will say it did make editing a few inking mistakes easier–I could just select the offending line, rather than having to redraw it or carefully use the lasso marquee to isolate it.
  • Pencil-shaded backgrounds. I’ve been trying various media–markers, watercolors, ink wash–and this is the first time I thought to myself, will pencil give me the kind of texture I want? and the answer was yes and no. The linework and shading I think are almost where I want them. But this time, I colored the pencils digitally, which did allow the colors in the backgrounds to pick up the pencil shading textures, but still doesn’t feel quite right.

7 throughts on "Order Form"

  1. Peter I love these.
    My grandson Sylvan (Robin’s little boy who has dyslexia) loves these illustrations and will sit to read these stories( I read them over first as he is 9). We also talk about the work you do to make them all come together. You are so incredibly talented. Thank you so much for sharing this creative journey

  2. I think the cat needs to be under the armored car, and not in it. He’d be too likely to murder someone with the car’s weapons.

  3. I really love this page, the expressions on their faces is fantastic. For maybe the last 6 or 7 pages I have noticed their expressions improve but sometime its really hard to tell when their faces are half covered with the military hats(not much you can do about that). Your design of their eyebrows is a wonderful idea of what furry faces would actually be like. Well done!

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