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I wasn’t sure about this one, because it’s a little weird to have livestock in a world of anthropomorphic animals. But I couldn’t resist illustrating this idea. The babushka doesn’t seem too surprised that her plan has failed.

Coloring Experiments

I tried a couple experiments with this one. Like the experiment with this comic, I ultimately decided not to use any of the attempted methods in the final comic. But here are some thoughts.

010-paintedFirst, I tried a painterly approach. I lowered the opacity of the brush to something like 90%, and used the eye-dropper tool extensively. I got some effects and textures I liked, but felt ambivalent.

010-cell-shade-sepiaI also tried this method:

  • duplicated the flats layer
  • adjusted the hue, brightness, and saturation of the underlying copy of the layer. The result was a lighter, more yellow version of the flats.
  • used the lasso tool to cut “holes” in the overlying copy of the layer. This allowed highlights to emerge.
  • used the smudge tool to soften some of the edges of the highlight cuts.

I think there is potential in this method. But next, I’m going to try the more traditional approach to using “cuts” in comic coloring. If I like how that comes out, I’ll post that next!



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  1. So, what is this matter about the old lady?

    • She doesn’t have a passport, so she tries to sneak in. No one’s sure why, but she sure is persistent :)

  2. geez, a lot of people think of the craziest things to cross the border. lol

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