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This full-page comic is meant to establish the basic premise of Rudek and the Bear. I had fun experimenting with different techniques while making it–which took about two weeks of work, on and off.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you!


Update 6/17/2014: I’ve redone the typography and borders, and a few minor details that were bothering me.

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  1. Had the good luck to chance across you at position 1162 on the TWC list. The banner looked very good, the opening comic may be the best thing of its kind I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to seeing more in my (sadly non-copious) spare time. Doubt you’ll be at 1162 much longer.

    • Thanks a bunch! hoping to MAKE more of these comics in *my* non-copious spare time :)

  2. Great web comic! I have to ask you, though, since it’s my own last name: Why “Rudek”? Is it just a name you came up with or does it mean something?

    • Hi there! To answer your question, “Rudek” in Polish can be a nickname for a red-headed fellow. Seemed like a good name for a fox.

  3. Hey, big fan. What do you use to make your comic? Traditional, digital? A mix of both? Thanks!

    • A mix of traditional and digital. Mainly traditional for the background art, mainly digital for the characters. Thanks for commenting!

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