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As I continue to experiment in MangaStudio, I’ve collected the following notes:

  • I can’t use the same process as I did in PhotoShop for bolding key words. So as a quick fix, I just did them by hand, as you can see in this comic. Because of the responsiveness of the pen, and the ability to set strokes to automatically smooth, the result is pretty clean hand-lettering. I plan to continue experimenting with this.
  • Going way back, I had always conceived of the word bubbles in Żużel and the Fox as being these sort of rounded hexagons or octagons. I haven’t quite got the feel for how to achieve the look I want, but here you can see me trying a couple strategies.
  • Color tweaking is possible, but involves adding adjustment layers and is, overall, a more complicated process; I’m guessing MangaStudio is just not really built for importing and editing color artwork.
  • I realized after doing the last comic that I wanted to keep pushing what I could do with the painting tools. I think with practice I could get some nice painterly effects in the backgrounds. (But I chickened out on this one and went back to traditional markers-on-bristol for the backgrounds.)

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