The Boar Who Cried Wisp

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You know, wisp? Like, wisp of smoke?

Never mind.

Trying a different approach to panel borders in this one. More organic. Allowing figures to spill out here and there.

I’m pretty happy with how Zadziory, the hedgehog, came out in this comic. His expressions read pretty well, I think :)

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  1. RyebreadReturns

    I like the organic panel borders, especially where it suggests the shape of the hole.

  2. I need to get back into experimenting with panels, gutters & placement.

    Thanks for the incentive.

    & Yes, well done hedgehog.

  3. […] her to translate. And they weren’t the ones I expected. For example, I thought the “fire in the hole” pun would be impossible. Not so; apparently the phrase has been calqued into Polish. On the […]

    • I’m sure there’s a Polish phrase that means the exact same thing. After all, the phrase comes from mining terminology for when dynamite, or some other explosive, was lit to blow part of the mine’s wall away so the miners could get the mineral they were mining.

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