The Abyss Also Gazes

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The pretentious title for this downbeat comic is pretentiously taken from a Nietzsche quote.

I’m not even sure if this comic is a joke or what.

Anyway, I worked on making background art that was not quite as “busy” and that complemented the figures a little better. The barbed wire still posed me with challenges, and I kind of said “screw it” in the end. I may come back to this and adjust the barbed wire, but I’m going to let it rest for now.



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  1. It’s a gorgeous landscape in the first panel, for starters, and seeing the two pairs looking back at each other is a wonderful wordless way to end the comic.

    The real question is if we’ll see the other two again. ;)

  2. This feels like it would be a two-parter, or maybe the first of a recurring series.

  3. I like the fact you got the Russians using Mosin Nagants. My favorite rifle.

    • It seemed appropriate :) Good eye–I thought I had drawn the rifles too small to clearly identify!

  4. I love the fact that the Soviet soldiers were white versions of the Polish soldiers. LOL.

  5. Having spent some time on (looking back) meaningless guard detail in what amounted to wilderness, I can understand Rudek’s feelings. Splendid artwork, excellent attention to detail. Kudos, sir.

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