The Abyss Also Gazes

The pretentious title for this downbeat comic is pretentiously taken from a Nietzsche quote.

I’m not even sure if this comic is a joke or what.

Anyway, I worked on making background art that was not quite as “busy” and that complemented the figures a little better. The barbed wire still posed me with challenges, and I kind of said “screw it” in the end. I may come back to this and adjust the barbed wire, but I’m going to let it rest for now.



6 throughts on "The Abyss Also Gazes"

  1. It’s a gorgeous landscape in the first panel, for starters, and seeing the two pairs looking back at each other is a wonderful wordless way to end the comic.

    The real question is if we’ll see the other two again. ;)

  2. Having spent some time on (looking back) meaningless guard detail in what amounted to wilderness, I can understand Rudek’s feelings. Splendid artwork, excellent attention to detail. Kudos, sir.

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