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Rudek has a philosophical disagreement with his superior officer.

Problems with Background Art

So, with the last few comics I’ve been experimenting with traditionally drawn, inked, and colored backgrounds. But I’ve been finding that it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I’m very happy with how the backgrounds look, in and of themselves. But on the other hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the background art compositionally integrated with the foreground figures.

My workaround for now is the clone tool. When I notice inappropriately busy areas, that disrupt the path of the reader’s eye, I clone out the busy stuff. Some examples of this can be seen in panel 3. The grass and Czerep’s whiskers were working at cross purposes, creating an illegible passage of the panel. I’ve cleared it up somewhat by cloning out the grass. But it’s still not ideal.

I think as I go forward, I’m going to try to make smarter inking choices in the backgrounds.

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  1. Sir Rennifer of Avancourt

    I like your character portrayal. It has of lot of merit in a number of ways that lends an air of realistic possibility.

  2. Your backgrounds are truly beautiful. Did you use markers?

    • Thank you! Yes, I used Copic markers, but I also tweaked the colors a lot in photoshop.

  3. Nice pun in the last panel.

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