Flat Tire

I wanted to push myself further with the backgrounds on this comic. So, I made the following artwork with Copic markers on bristol board:

Raw scan of background art #27

Then I scanned it. And, as you can see, did a lot of copy-pasting, cloning, and color-tweaking.

But I ran into a new problem. See, I usually hash out the details of the figures first. But this time, with only a very basic compositional sketch to guide me, I created the background art first

This meant that as I got into the nitty-gritty of composing the characters, their bikes, and other props, I was faced with tangent after tangent.

And then I remembered that I had to add in the concertina wire. I did a lot of adjusting–moving figures left, right, up, down. And in the end, I still have a couple bothersome tangents, like this one:

a bothersome tangent

Rudek’s mouth butts up against the curve of the concertina wire there. There are a number of little issues like this which I suppose I could address. But after spending about two weeks on this one, I’m content to let it rest. I learned a lot by wrestling with these compositional problems, even if I didn’t lick them all.

4 throughts on "Flat Tire"

  1. Lieutenant(?) falls asleep. Bear crosses border. Bear fixes flat tire. Bear recrosses border. Rudek returns with repair kit. Rudek is irate that he doesn’t catch bear crossing border. I love it. LOL.

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