The Value of Education

Not sure if this comic counts as “funny” — there’s no particular joke. I mean, Lucky is being ridiculous, and gets some comeuppance. But this comic is mainly to further the plot and character development, I guess.

Anway, there are some nifty things I tried while making this one.

Nifty Things I Tried

  • First, I tried to really evoke Peregoy’s color keys in a smarter way. I noticed some things about his background art–there’s usually a very pointed use of complements, and also usually a gorgeous compositional imbalance of those complements. For instance, about 85% of a background might be warm, and the other 15% cool. So I tried to do that especially in the first two panels, and wound up with an interesting look. 
  • Secondly, I refined my “cel shadow” effect. It’s pretty subtle, but I think it makes a big difference. With a simulated shadow from the paint on an animation cel, the figures give the impression that they are going to move. It adds just a tiny bit more life to the drawings.
  • I fiddled with the brightness and saturation on the backgrounds and distant figure of Lucky in panels 3-5. I realized later that to be consistent, maybe I should have desaturated the background Lucky in panel 1, as well.

Video in which I work out Kasia’s design

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