A Digital Art Workflow Attempt

I have lots of ideas about how I might create the art for Żużel and the Fox. But until I actually try some things out, I won’t know what’s feasible. Or what results in an aesthetically pleasing result.

One thing I really wanted to try was using Google SketchUp as an aid to keeping my backdrops consistent. That of course takes time, and I’ve spent a lot of time this summer building SketchUp models.

So, anyway, here’s one digital art workflow.


I’m going to try again. These are the changes I think I will make next time:

  • Add a step when creating the backgrounds: a looser sketch based on the SketchUp screenshots, then hide the screenshots and ink based on the loose sketch.
  • Do the inking and coloring steps for a whole page, rather than panel by panel.
  • Stick to color flats for the figures, rather than a “digital painting” look.

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